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The Legendary Troll Kingdom

THE UNBELIEVABLE N-MAN is Doctor Chambers, a scientist mutated into a half-insect, half-man creature, who defends Earth from the Alien Monstrosities of the mysterious Shimmering Zone!

THE UNBELIEVABLE N-MAN is among the latest in a new brand of exciting superheroes created for Image Comics by today's top artists. Stephen R. Bissette (SWAMP THING) designed it to be the ultimate in super-hero/monster fantasies. Written with a nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek attitude, it is meant as a fond parody of the comics of the 1960s.

Bissette Acquires All Rights to Characters
and Title TALES OF THE UNCANNY After a series of negotiations which took place in December, 1998, Alan Moore, Rick Veitch, and Steve Bissette have agreed to divide the previously shared ownership of the 1963 trademarks, copyrights, titles, and characters.

Alan and Rick are now the sole, joint owners of MYSTERY INCORPORATED; U.S.A. (Ultimate Special Agent); HORUS LORD OF LIGHT; JOHNNY BEYOND; THE TOMORROW SYNDICATE (sans N-Man and The Hypernaut); the trademark and title TALES FROM BEYOND; and the trademark and title "1963."

In exchange, Bissette is the sole owner of NO ONE ESCAPES THE FURY, THE UNBELIEVABLE N-MAN, THE HYPERNAUT, and the trademark and title TALES OF THE UNCANNY.