TK year in review on Charas


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April 9th ish � The first trolls from TrollKingdom register on Charas and begin posting convroversial topics. Troll Invasion officially begins.

April 10th � an attempt is made to get a lot of people online at the same time in order to break the �most registered users online� record. It doesn�t succeed.

April 11th � The first wave of trolls from TrollKingdom become a problem on Charas. Many are banned.

April 12th � Sanctuary Fortress, a secret forum for people with 150 or more posts, is opened as a discussion ground to figure out what�s up with the trolls. Moderators secretly track the trolls to Troll Kingdom.

April 13th � Charas authorizes an invasion of TrollKingdom. Several Charas members register at the enemy forum and spam the place up. The brazen move polarizes Charas into many camps about what should be done about the trolls.

April 14th � In the midst of the Troll Invasion, Warxe starts a topic trying to decide on the word to use to mean �someone who goes to Charas.� I personally liked Charites.

April 18th � Despite an end to the attacks on Charas the angry debates of what we should do rage on. Many people accuse the mods of not doing a good job protecting the forum. Frusterated at the lack of support for my tireless bannings, I tell everyone to go screw themselves and take a few days off.

April 21st ish � SaintLucifer, the sole troll from TK still unbanned, causes widespread spamming and chaos during the weekend when I am away.

April 23rd � I return to find the forum essentially ready to kill me. SaintLucifer is quickly banned but the user anger over my departure goes on. I plan to retire as admin.

April 30th � the troll invasion essentially ends, with any remaining TK members on Charas being civil and then eventually going away.

I must say, good job keeping tabs, Saikar.

(This is the forum which will place you on high alert and suspicion for posting anything with the word 'Raffles' in it)

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