Voyager Log Discussion Thread


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Ty. I've gone way too far since I started watching them back to back, so I'll probably fill them all in tomorrow until season 4.

Tuvok is the funniest character. Moments before I forget them...

(Voyager reverses the polarity and gets the giant space organism to stop hitting it)
Tuvok: It appears we have lost our sex appeal.

(Tuvok, Paris and some lady in the past are fleeing a suit with a phaser in the past)
Lady after seeing phaser: What's that thing in your pants?
Tuvok: I beg your pardon?

DaVinci Hologram: You too, are a provocative character. Where are you from?
Tuvok: Scandinavia.

Harry Kim: Ensign Hickman thinks it's Species 8472. Wanna know what I think?
Tuvok: No.

I also spotted a potential meme. I haven't been exposed to Sulu's way of talking much... but he was Captain of a ship in Tuvok's flashback. His voice and manner of speaking are so hollow.

*Sulu slowly rises out of his seat*
*image of large energy wave heading towards the ship*

Replace the energy wave with goat.s.ce or something. You'll understand if you see it.


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Why won't you just remove that word from the filters already? I've already proven it's not going to prevent anyone from posting it.


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20 + 52 seconds in, big lulz from tuvok


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I consider DC the Wild West of TK and wouldn't want to remove posts from my log thread anywhere else.


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Or wait, does that mean that DC will be purged in a few days, then sprouts some new and promising spam, gets colonised at a later point, only to develop some kind of government only to then be invaded (and I do use this term loosely here) by pseudo-wrestlers?
Here's a thought: let's help evolution out a bit and put all the wrestlers down here right away!


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i concur