What should I look for when buying a new TV?


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You spelled "stealing" incorrectly in your title there, Sweetstick.

It's S T E A L I N G


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I have a 5 ft large screen 4k hisense tv. Most of the time the picture is great. Sometimes too good - I can see every nose hair, makeup marks, skin imperfections, and what have you on the actors. Sometimes the picture is a little fuzzy on the sides - like the movie/tv show isn't made for 4k. One of my smaller smart tvs gets weird on how it sets up - it decides for me what attenna channels I'm allowed to see and I have to fiddle with it to see other channels. Two of my smart tvs don't connect to some of the tv services I use and don't play well with Amazon firestick. I have 4 tvs as I live all over my house and use them to connect to my Portals and play music as well as watch tv/movies. I love technology. Once my daughter comes over and figures out all the bells and whistles to my stuff and I'm comfortable using all those things, I'll replace it all with new stuff so I can be annoyed at having to get it all set up and figured out again.

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Well I end up getting a Vizio 60" Class 4k UHD Smartcast smart TV HDR V-series V705-h.

The color is so great, now I have to replace my other TV's.


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Kinda big to carry out of the store without getting caught. Yet here you are, bragging about stealing a high end TV :bigass:

Good job (I guess)