When do I get an interview here?


I've had quite an important impact on TK - i think i deserve one.


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I had an impact here. I swear, I made TK fart once or twice!

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When do I get an interview here?

You're in line right before Little One and right after Liza Minnelli.


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BitchSlapSmitty said:
I had an impact here. I swear, I made TK fart once or twice!

Yes, but I've made TK queef on several occasions.


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I'll interview you.


1) When did it first occur to you that you could ruin this forum by being dull and repetitious?

2) How many times to you order when you sit down in a restaurant to eat?

3) How many times in the last two weeks have you tried to explain your brilliance at tk.net to a person in real life only to realize what a waste your life has become? (looking for a number here)

4) How much fun will it be to use this forum once you have bored everyone off?

5) How many times per night do you get out of bed to see if someone has responded to one of your posts?

6) Will your work always peter out in a matter of days losing the interest of all involved including those you "threaten"?

7) Have you ever seen The Island of Dr. Moreau?

8) Who do you like for the Super bowl this year?

9) Has it occurred to you that this "war" you've tried to create has gone so wrong that if you ever reveal your main account that the overwhelming lack of interest may carry over?