Annoying Phrases

How about micro-agression?
Same thing. It's a way to accuse someone of doing something they aren't actually doing, in order to rationalize overtly treating them like shit. It's a buzzword justification for blaming the victim.

"Oh, I was triggered by the micro-aggression of her short skirt, so y'see, I had to rape her to help her check her privilege!"

Now it spent maybe a fraction of a second sounding to you like it sounds to those of us who hear and read that shit all the time.
"So I'm (blah blah blah) (past point in time)?"

Example: "So I'm doing my laundry the other day?" (Because people who use this phrase seem almost invariably to couple it with the Misplaced Interrogative Lift.)

No, you're fucking not doing whatever it was you were doing, because it's not the other day anymore. You were doing it, then -- now you're standing here telling me about it, but sounding like Ralph Wiggum after a weird time travel accident. I'm only telling you that because the way you talk made it sound like you were fucking asking me, instead of telling me.