Black Mirror (the Netflix years)


Is this real life?
I’ve only seen the first one, so disappointed to hear it’s the best one. Hopefully I disagree so I have more to look forward to!

I did like it, though. It was an intriguing and believable concept and the conclusion wasn’t what I was expecting. Also, maybe this shouldn’t be a consideration, but it was good to see a black, male, gay(ish) relationship, as it’s a very rare occurrence on screen.


I want to smell dark matter
Well I don't think the other two were bad so it's possible you could like them more.

One thing I noticed was that there wasn't really anything new in terms of technology or story-telling. All three were pretty straightforward Black Mirror episodes (well okay the third was a Disney movie version of a BM episode.) I feel like Brooker should maybe take a break for a couple of years and come up with some fresh ideas BUT WHO AM I to tell him what to do.


Is this real life?
Odd when tech is getting so much scarier. Deep fakes, Russian news bots, actual robots. There’s so much to draw on.

Btw, you should watch Years and Years. It’s a BBC1 drama which follows a family’s life over a few decades, starting from now until 2040 I reckon (it hasn’t finished yet). It’s written by RTD and has all the usual hallmarks (Russell Tovey, a sex robot, a boy dressed as a girl but it’s ok nowadays, hamfisted allegories and people shouting the plot at the camera. SHOUTING THE PLOT AT THE CAMERA. SHOUTING. THE. PLOT. AT. THE CAMERA), but it’s still really good. Emma Thompson is in it as a politician with the Greendale anus flag as her party’s logo.


Is this real life?
That’s fair. I didn’t know it was by him beforehand, but by about midway through I had no doubt.

Watched the second Black Mirror. It was good... certainly kept up the tension. I liked the naturalistic feel, it was well acted and I guess it was good to focus on a current technology for a change, instead of something that’s made up where we don’t have to worry about it. It did feel like preaching to the choir, though. Anyone with a phone or an internet connection is well aware of the addictive nature and how it distracts us from possibly more important things, so it didn’t feel like a fresh enough idea to warrant an hour. Maybe if the story of why he wanted the phone call had been a revelation it would’ve felt like a payoff, but it was obvious enough from quite early on.