I haven't mentioned WF in literally MONTHS.

But I still come up over there.


Well, nope. I keep coming up over there regardless of whether I mention you over here or not, fuck you, you're getting fucking roasted.

Diacanu said:
Y'know what this reminds me of?
John Castle's "anti-racists are the real racists", bullshit.
You know why that is, Dickynoo? It's because the left are fucking not "anti-racists". Y'all are anti-white racists. You are racists. When you paint any race, including white folk, with one broad brush, based on their race, then it is you who is a racist. And that's even if you believe that "only white people can be racist." Well, I've seen a photo of you, you pasty-ass fuckin' Elmer's-glue-white mother fucker. You're white. You can be a racist, even according to your own fucked-up rationalizations, but it's white folk you're racist against, and that's usually how it goes. It's these Marxist white-guilt-harboring cockbreath wastes of skin who are the most racist, seeing fucking everything through the race lens.

Meanwhile, the play-pretend "transgender" among you, who rest assured has not transitioned to jack shit, -- because until you lose the sausage and gain a Pepperidge Farms crafted clam, is not any kind of trans except -vestite, had some shit to throw in, too.

Tererun said:
Zombie said:
Antifa are as fascistic as any Nazi.
yes, but they are fascist about not being fascist. You have to be. It is how it works.

I know you think yourself creative for realizing there is one exception to that, but any person with a small amount of ability to think rationally looks at the idea of being fascist towards fascism and just realized that is how it would work.
No, there's no fucking "Yes, but" there. There's only fucking yes. "Anti-"fascists are fucking fascists. You can't engage in fascism and pretend you oppose it. Or maybe you can, but if you think the rest of us are stupid enough to believe you oppose it while you engage in it, it's you who's fucking stupid.

The reality is, you're just a fucking moron.

And "a small amount of ability to think rationally"? Fucking talk about that when you possess an ability to think rationally. You fucking don't. You can't "be fascist toward fascism." As soon as you engage in that shit, you demonstrate, publicly, that you agree with that shit. You can't oppose a thing by being that thing. You can't oppose racism by being a racist. You can't oppose fascism by being a fascist. If you oppose a principle of action, you don't indulge in it. Once you engage in it yourself, you have proved to the rest of us that you actually approve of it but just want it to target somebody else.

And protip, genius: If there actually was any fascism for you little basement dwellers to oppose, it would be you lot in intensive care units, not people your ilk have been targeting.
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Zombie Hunter
I don't think Mallory posted that often, but he WAS a member there. He died. Captain Chewbacca had cancer. Had an aggressive treatment and was hopefully out of the woods, but I'm love to hear confirmation that he's still around, because he stopped posting quite awhile back.


I hate to hear about Tamar and Mallory, I’m assuming diacanu is still mooching off his parent’s and calling himself a writer with his Buffy fan fiction!!


Zombie Hunter
OOH! OOH! If you didn't know about Tamar, you probably didn't hear about Shep.

Now he's a quadriplegic woman.

And I swear I'm not making that up.


Zombie Hunter
Nope. But got hired by Wal*Mart and within a year, fell off a ladder and got a broken neck and a disability settlement. Wheelchair bound? Dunno. But still posting--although now a radical leftist atheist, um... woman?

Colonel Kira's Left Tit

Bearded Belly of Bajor
Storm being outed as a Nazi was about as interesting as Mr. Stinkypants/The God Thing being outed as a Nazi. Duh? They were both amusing though and that's what should count.

These days apparently everyone is a Nazi anyway.
Fair to say. Like I said, I'm not even sure I found it surprising, really. My reaction wasn't so much, "Whaaaaat?!" as just, "... Huh."