In Which I Cause WF To Strangle Itself TO DEATH.

Lanz "haha"d at my last post. Want to know why he did that? Contrary to what a fictional Stoic once said on movie screens, humor is not a difficult concept. So let me break it down for ya:

Humor is, metaphorically speaking, a logic superstate. (Contrast this against Schroedinger's explanation of a quantum superstate, in which a boxed cat simultaneously does, and does not, survive its captivity within a box that allows a minimum survivable amount of oxygen, until the Observer Effect settles it out of that superstate and into one or the other condition.

Humor, similarly, is a logical superstate in which a statement or situation both is, and is not, logical.

Lanz laughed at a true statement because he is so indoctrinated now that what he reacted to was completely logical, yet runs totally contrary to the illogic he's been indoctrinated with over the past several years. It simultaneously struck him as perfectly correct and, through the lens of his indoctrination, totally incorrect, simultaneously.

That's why he thought it was funny. That's always why leftists laugh at perfectly true statements. It's the result of a healthy brain's reaction to the conflict between reality and their indoctrination.


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Lanz laughed because if you're so far gone that you think Tucker Carlson is speaking truth to anyone, all the rest of us can do is laugh. I would love to get you in a quiet corner of a bar or something and just explore the depths of your delusions, but hey . . . COVID.
The answer is simple: Freedom.

This is where you either live up to that self-applied "libertarian" label, or you fail, and show us all that "libertarian" really just means, "socialists too chickenshit to admit that they're really socialists."

Do you believe in freedom? Or don't you?

Now or never, here or nowhere, youngster. Stand or fold. One or the other, Right here, right now. Do you believe in Liberty, or are you just a slimy, deceptive authoritarian. Speak up, or forever shut your crusty cock socket.


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The flip side of liberty is personal responsibility. Without that it's not liberty, it's anarchy. So when a deadly pathogen is stalking the land, you listen to the medical experts, not the political commentators. When a crowd of demented morons are howling about stolen elections that weren't fucking stolen and venerating a world-class grifter as an American hero and staging a goddamed for-real insurrection at the capitol . . . that's not libertarianism. And if you think it is, then you don't undertstand the word.
Oh, and "youngster" I am not.
The flip side of liberty is personal responsibility.
Not to a libertarian, it isn't. When a deadly pathogen is stalking the land, you do what you think is prudent. You don't listen to government shills. Government shills aren't "medical experts", they're paid mouthpieces for authoritarians.

See, a genuine Libertarian would know the difference. Apparently, you don't.

As for "stolen elections, audits in state after state are proving that the election was, indeed, stolen.

From us.

This isn't a democracy, anymore.

You don't seem to be in the least bit bothered by that. You don't even care. Doesn't raise your hackles, not one bit.

And it should. Why doesn't it?

Voting is our one and only check on tyranny -- aside from guns, bloodshed, and dragging bureacrats out of their offices, by main force, and hanging them from lampposts.

So how come you treat the question of election fraud with such disdain? Is a stolen government what you want? Is that how far gone you are, that you've reached the "fuck the plebs, the elite can do whatever the want" level?

Because that's where you're standing. That's the space you've placed yourself in. The Sedition space, where you're defending oligarchic disregard for the wishes of the people.

Take stock. Reorient yourself. Or Don't. But know that a refusal to stand with the people is de facto a stand against the people. And we are not going to forgive betrayal.

In the end.. there are 10 times more of us than there are of government. If it comes to a war, maybe we lose a lot of us. But there are so many more of us, and more and more military 'defecting' to our side, by the day, that the authoritarians simply do not have the numbers to win.

Freedom will win out. Human nature will win.

So don't get too smug about the vaccine mandates, the mask mandates, the censorship -- humanity will triumph. And there's not a damn thing the Puritans can do about it. We will always beat them.
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Lanz laughed because if you're so far gone that you think Tucker Carlson is speaking truth to anyone, all the rest of us can do is laugh. I would love to get you in a quiet corner of a bar or something and just explore the depths of your delusions, but hey . . . COVID.
You might want to put that cock down. You are obviously deranged.


I have surveyed WordForge territory and feel it is primed to receive my brand of enlightenment.

I have attempted to register, with each attempt being summarily rejected. I enter all my details correctly, answer the question correctly.

Could it be an issue with the email domain? I have used gmail and AOL to no avail.


I got bored and decided to go look at WF to see what they were talking about.

-I saw the usual idiots claiming that anyone who is against mask mandates or covid passports was supposedly a Nazi.

-I saw Tererun still is a retard with nothing worth paying attention too.

-Several posters have crawled up their own asses and are convinced anyone not in their echo chamber is a Nazi.

-Meanwhile one of the most active threads is about the one person in their lives who actually was a neo-Nazi, but, that guy hadn't bothered to post at WF in the last 12 years. Never the less they still have a front page thread about him, can't stop talking about him, and even decided to ban him despite the fact that he left well over a decade ago.

I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
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Oh, and there is another decade old thread also on the front page where Volpone pointed out raising the minimum wage and adding regulatory costs to employment decrease employment opportunities for the low skilled. Analogous, ever a obtuse partisan hack claims it does not and has literally spent a decade bumping the thread whenever he sees any good news about Seattle.

The thing that Ancalagon ignores? Youth unemployment rate in Seattle for Aug 2021: 21.1%. Youth unemployment rate for the country as a whole? 9.9%. Youth unemployment rates in some low minimum wage states? 3.9%. Yes, there are people priced out by your chosen policies and that is a fact. Check out the numbers for recent immigrants and minorities as well.


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I do pop in to see what's going on. And I'm tempted to reply on that thread, even though it is pointless. Interesting stat on the youth unemployment, though. But that said, I'm tempted to say that just because policies that kill jobs haven't killed an conomy yet, that's no reason to pat yourself on the back and declare victory. Detroit wasn't destroyed in a day. San Francisco *still* hasn't bottomed out. Actually the Left Coast may be part of it. People from California gotta go somewhere. Silicon Valley peeps who can't deal with Silicon Valley anymore would have worse places to go than Seattle. [shrug]