whatever. i just think guys and gals like to watch pussy get eaten.

85 percent of women probably engaged in lesbian sex at some point in their lives. 75 percent did it between the ages of 13 and 18.

think about it. lesbian porn is the best. i prefer no dick in porn.

no 8====D
Porn is preferable without dick, certainly. But when you're hungry, would you rather eat a sandwich or watch somebody else eat it? I can't eat the sammich, but get that other bitch outta the way so I can look at it, anyhow.
No, those are sissy boys. Presence of penis = absence of "chick". You don't even need what very little schooling you got to have figured that one out, stoop anchor.

Words have meanings. Chick = presence of vagina, absence of penis. No matter what asinine post-modernist horseshit the commies are pushing.