sampled tv shows


I want to smell dark matter
TV shows I'm trying out, have watched more that one episode but not a whole season. My brother in law signed my tv into his Apple TV+ account at Christmas so they're mostly from that.

A Teacher - This was on the BBC though. Kate Mara plays a teacher who has an affair with a student. It's very well done, showing you how she got to that point (while not really being sympathetic towards her.) The boy's character is very well acted too. Possibly could make you angry though as the main character is a pretty bad person who (so far) hasn't shown much remorse for what she's doing. Good drama!

Dickinson - Hailee Steinfeld plays Emily Dickinson in one of those historic shows where people talk like they're from the mordern day. It is good. Steinfeld is excellent and the supporting cast are all very good too (Robert PIcardo is a recurring character if you care about tenuous Star Trek connections!) But it's something I'm fine with watching slowly as it's pretty low stakes. Most episodes will just have Emily running up against the restrictions a woman in 1850s America would face...and nothing can really change by the end because it's still set in 1850s America. So it's not something where I desperately feel I need to see the next epsidoe. Good show though!

Ted Lasso - Jason Sudeikis plays an American football coach who is brought over to the UK to manage a British footabll ("soccer") team despite knowing nothing of the sport. It makes more sense in the show! This is...shockingly good. Like really really good. If you know me you know I don't care about football (any type) and yet that doesn't put me off the show at all. It's so well written with such convincing characters that it just doesn't matter what the setting is (but the setting is done very well, as best I can tell!) It's funny, yes, but the key is how sincere it is about its emotions. It's really heartfelt but not in an annoying way. Trust me, it's good, strongly recommended.

Mystic Quest: Raven's Banquet - Comedy about the creation of a MMO game. Like Lasso I think all the small details are done well, even though again I'm not an expect on the subject matter (though Iknow more about it than football obviously lol) It's pretty good. I haven't watched as many episodes as the other things, but it's a solid show. It doesn't have the heart of Ted Lasso but it's reasonably funny and the cast are good (the Australian girl is the standout. Danny Pudi is in it if you like him but he hasn't had a huge amount to do a few episodes in.) Probably not a high priority watch but a perfectly acceptable time filling show as far as I can tell.

All four worth watching I'm clearly good at sampling tv shows.