I am highly disapointed in what Hulu suggested I watched based on the only few shows I watch on Hulu which include SNL and the Bachelor sometimes and late night shows and the Good Place and anything that isn't on Netflix.

But I am happy that I found Siren. Check it out:



I want to smell dark matter
I am highly disapointed in what Hulu suggested I watched based on the only few shows I watch on Hulu which include SNL and the Bachelor sometimes and late night shows and the Good Place and anything that isn't on Netflix.

But I am happy that I found Siren. Check it out:

Does she kill people?
There are 2 merrmaids. The first one killed a guy who was trying to assualt her. The 2nd merrmaid killed her captors who were running tests on her.


I love you
So I got to the episode where Ryn (mermaid) kisses Maddie (human) and the Maddie kisses Ben (also human) and then Ben kisses Ryn. And then the episode is over.
Not fair.
There are a total of 3 male mermaids thus far. Cock status is unknown. Genitalia status of all merrmaids while they are in thier human form is also unknown.

So, to answer CaptainWacky's question further, I am going to assume that all female and male parts are functioning while the mermaids are on land. Ryn, the murrmaid was shown entering into the restroom after a night of sleep. I am sure it wasn't to apply make up.

The last episode on Siren left us with Ben, Ryn and Maddie kissing. This episode begins with all of them in bed, spooning, in shorts and tank tops or t-shirts. And when they wake up Ryn asks why they all stopped kissing. Ben and Maddie explained human love making to Ryn at this point-who only knows about mating as a mermaid where the male gets bitten and often dies.

Then Ryn tells Ben and Maddie that she wants to make human love to them. So maybe that will happen sometime in the future if they don't all die first.


I love you
Xander's father was killed by a merrman early on, and the 4 on the boat, including Xander knew it would be difficult to explain to anybody what happened so they decied to wrap the body up and dump it into the ocean. It came back a few episodes later and the 4 get called into question. At the same time a girl who has been hanging out with Xander-who also works for the murrmaid capturing military commissions Ryn, the head murrmaid to come with her. She agrees but only if all 4 are released from jail.
They get released but they don't know how. That is where the show ends.

Ben, Ryn and Maddie's relationship continues to grow, but they keep getting interupted by drug dealers and other things people deal with at 2 AM in a sleepy ocean town in WA.


I love you
Friday nights seem to be new Siren episode.

The reason the murr people are on land is because an oil company is drilling in the water that used to be thier home. It causes sound waves that are damaging to them. So they have acclimated to living on land, but must have water-so they sit in a tank-but it still doesn't do the trick completely.
Ben is planning on destroying parts of this rig that is doing the damage. And now others are helping him. His father is in bed with the oil company of course.
And Xan's girlfriend is the military bitch who wants to do testing on Ryn.

All this to say-tonight is going to be the last night that Ryn, Ben and Maddie will be together for a whlie, or ever. Aaaaannnnnddd, well they just started kissing.

I can't handle it!


I love you
So Ben, Xan, Maddie, Ryn and the murr people are all going on Xan's fishing boat to destroy the other rig.
I am watching on mute, because I can't handle it! I know something bad will happen.
At the same time-a big gala event is going on with the oil company. The town people are all dressed up and they are going to watch oil being extracted live-so exciting!
Seriously-who does that?
And strange there aren't more protesters.
Also strange that Ben and Maddie would agree to have this happen because the murr people are going to help-and they will be on camera.


I love you
Okay, it is apparent that Ben and Maddie didn't know there would be a camera in the water. I mean, I just assumed, it seemed obvious.
So they have an insider at the gala event-who at first her job was to have everyone watch the monitors-now she needs to distract everyone.
Wonder what she will do.
Unless she just turns off the power or something.


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Oh shit
Well, one murrmaid has stayed behind.
She is going to kill xan, because xan accidently killed her sister-mother? someone. He was hoping to kill the one that killed his father-but that didn't work.
So now I have it back on mute again.
All of the other murr people are in the water.

I am sure it will go to commercial soon and I mean I am sure that the episode will be over and then I am sure that Netflix will decide to cancel this show.

Someone just cut the camera-so the murr people are no longer in danger of being seen by the world.

Also-Ben's mom is sick-and wheel chair bound. She could probably be helped-but by hurting or killing a murrmaid. Becuase that is what medicine and science are all about right? Kill some to save one?


I love you
The murrmaid that was trying to kill xan just hit the gas line on the boat instead.
Of course.

Ben and Maddie are now at the party-because you know-they were in scuba gear underwater and then changed into their dry clothes which were in a log on the beach.


I love you
The good news is-
The drill has been disabled-hopefully the people on that rig don't get hurt, because you know-then Maddie and Ben and Xander would just go to jail or something like that.