Strange BUT TRUE facts you never knew about TK

Can we get the CIA and FBI monitoring rumors and the Illumanati and Freemason angles in to please?

I'd to it, but I'm stuck in my "Archy Bunker Chair" and can't get up.

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I'm sitting here and idly wondering what would need to happen in order to get the FBI to investigate this place again.

Not that I would initiate any such action. Just speculating.
Hypothetically, at this point I'd say it'd only take somebody saying something against the prevailing political narrative. Saying black lives don't matter, or saying Trump has done good things for this country, or that the Clintons should actually be fully and thoroughly investigated by people who aren't in the pockets of the Clintons or their bought-and-paid-for "friends" in government. You get the idea.


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I can think of a couple odd items to share.

-Despite it's reputation as a troll board, for most of it's existence TK lagged behind in software updates leaving it vulnerable to script-kitty attacks. As has happened on numerous occasions.

-TKs most active period was during 2006 averaging 30000 posts during a month with 2000 new threads created. It's lowest point is right now.

-Sardonica left the board as to not interfere with his work on some lame ghost TV show.

-Missmanners had a folder on the server dedicated to pictures of oiled up men.

-TK has had many hidden forums. Most were dedicated to trolling OPs. But it's most interesting one was used as an evidence dump for blatantly illegal material.

-The FBI may have had Missmanners on speed-dial. Not for anything we did but because mentally ill people kept phoning in to complain about us.

-Sometimes TKs board offshoots were more active than TK itself. Perhaps the enthusiasm came from posting on a new board but these tended to quickly burn out.

-There's love out there on the trolling battlefield. Surprisingly friendship and romance had abounded behind the scenes. With members exchanging phone numbers, steamy PMs, and even body fluids.


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Yeah. He's now known as Amaris.
Ah, didn’t realize that, thanks.

Also, I misspoke. Meant to say Executor, the BR Thread guy. Wasn’t he French? Or just hosted the BR Threads on a French server? I remember Lisa or T’Bonz complaining about how they couldn’t community with the host to get them to take it down.

Where’d he go? And why hasn’t there been a BR dump in 15 years? They were always a hoot.

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Oh I'm sure some of the old timers know about Executor, but he hasn't been seen around for at least 15 years to the best of my knowledge. The BR dumps were always a highlight of any given month.

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Last time I talked to Executor, he had cracked several dozen passwords at ExIsle and shared 3 of them with me which I used to great effect. That was 2005-06 or so.