Suggestions for QOTW


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Since the admins and mods can't get around to reading all of the funny things you people post, we'd appreciate your suggestions for QOTW.

We will take serious suggestions seriously, everything else will be moved to DC.

Don't be upset if your suggestion doesn't make it.

This thread will be stripped and cleaned on a regular basis.


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I don't know who is in charge of QotW. One of us is. I probably chose it not to be me though. I forget.


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I'm kind of tired of Kitty's quote about the cool kids getting the banner quote. Mostly because my brain wants to interpret 'incrowder' as a bunch of people crowding around someone, and it makes me feel slightly claustrophobic. and I'm not claustrophobic.

how about this:

If you spot a tornado, always remember to point at it, yell "tornado!", and run like hell.


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why? if it hasnt been QOTW before, its no less relevant, my most recent QOTW was put up like 18months after i made it, and it was conchaga that picked it.


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I just assumed with it saying quote of the week, it would be something said in the last 7 days.

Still if they dont change it for months at a time then I guess all bets are off.