Suggestions for QOTW


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Should we put what we write inside quotation marks so TPTB will know what to consider for Quote of the Week? Example: "QOTW - Change is sometimes a good thing."


Can I have Ops?
I think we should put my quote about bum sex up there, just to annoy Jack and make him feel like he hangs around on a fag board.


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Ya know, sometimes when I have multiple websites up, and TK is one of them, the tab for TK says "Troll Kingdom - Powered by vBulletin. However, all I see is "Troll Kingdom - Power...", and I think it says: "Troll Kingdom - Power to the Posters", and then I remember that there are some posters who just shouldn't have any power at all.


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Oh thank God, Eggs finally changed the QOTW. Every time I come here and see my "suggest something" quote I cringe. Just not enough to actually do anything about it since I am paralysed when it comes to doing anything here other than paying the bills and fixing code.

I love you.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
I thought the "boner for dead Mexicans" quip was a classic, actually.

That and "I have a boner for Mirah, too"

mmmm a boner banner? Eggs should be able to get behind that pretty easily one would think? :bigass:

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I really dont give a shit who is who, and i definitely dont give a flying fuck about forum rules. No pi, no beastiality, no cp.
Those are the only rules i follow, and thats everywhere. I have been banned from so many places after only 1-2 posts its not even funny.
Not proud of it, just who i am. Jack said i managed to break every single rule at tkr, and that was without even a single drop of rum.
And if i offended you, im sorry, but maybe you need to be offended, and one more thing:
Fuck you.