Susie says the darnedest things


I want to smell dark matter
<~CaptainWacky> it's Susie's fault
<Susie> Susie's having a bad day
<~CaptainWacky> !
<~CaptainWacky> yes SUsie
<Susie> yes but I'm still going strong as ever
Wub_Wub_WUB: No one knows what it's like... to be the bad Susie... to be the sad Susie... behind blue screens of death!
Susie: it's coarse and rough and irritating
Wub_Wub_WUB: Oh. Well... I guess, then... now we DO know what it's like. Thanks... Susie... for that...

Dr Dave

~CaptainWacky:Susie Cassie

Susie:Cassie's fault

Dr Dave:Susie it is not Cassie's fault.

Susie:Cassie's internet probably isn't reliable enough to walk

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
If only we had video games back then --- Hitler would have been just another frustrated teen who took out his anger on shoot-em-up games from his parents' basement.