Switching Over

I did hit a deer 2 winters ago. It didn't give me a paradigm shift, it made me more paranoid to be driving.

This place I live in experiences fire season and is packed with enough stress of "Life and death" situations that I don't think it phases me anymore.

But something did give me a paradigm shift last week. And I am doing much better.

The person whose suicide I mourned through the winter had a birthday this week. I was sad, but didn't get into the dark place I usually do. I felt the darkness for a couple of hours this week, but it was nothing to worry about in my book.

Sometimes a car accident gets a person a new car. But I would never suggest it is something they need.
The pain and medical bills and insurance headache are not worth it.
Well, that sucks, and it pains me to read that. Bear in mind that hte pain and stress isn't what I wish on you, it's the renewal of spirit that comes from a fundamental shift in perspective. It's just the former is usually what it takes to bring on the latter. Ideally, you'll find a way to get the benefit without the hardship. But things rarely go the way we think they ideally ought to.