The Expanse season 4


Can I have Ops?
I am quite enjoying this series but the BELTER ACCENT has the same effect as opening the Ark of the Covenant does to Nazis


I want to smell dark matter
I think season 5 will have to just air as is, they probably can't afford to reshoot it just to replace Alex. But if we get a season 6 he'll be recast I'm betting.


Is this real life?
Well that’s awful. I can’t imagine how he expected to get away with it in this day and age, though I suppose he did for a time.


I want to smell dark matter
Seems to have been doing it from back when he was in an Assassin's Creed game before The Expanse.

People were saying when he did his own behind the scenes videos of The Expanse you could tell the actors playing Holden and Amos didn't like him and tried to stay away (I never watched them to be honest.)