The Falcon and The Winter Soldier


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I feel like my stomach is about to explode so I thought I'd watch this before that happened.

It was a solid first episode. The opening Falcon action scene was a good way of showing that they'll have movie quality action like the Mandalorian does. After that it was mostly character stuff and as these two have been total secondary characters until now it made sense to show what they're actually like as people. I mean Sam had some good stuff in Winter Soldier but all we really knew about him was he had wings. Bucky's spent 80% of his screentime until now as a brainwashed assassin so it was a bit weird even seeing him do normal things. I imagine some people will have found this stuff slow, and I was surprised Sam and Bucky didn't even meet before the end, but it was necessary really. I hope Sharon appears before my stomach explodes.

The new Cap being some random white guy with a punchable face was a perfect ending.


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The aerial fight scene at the beginning was really great. Bucky is super cute! Also, is the new Captain America the guy Sam rescued at the beginning?


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I think he was. It was slow, it might have been better if it came out before wandavision, because their pilot episode knocked it out of the park.

Dr Dave

So I enjoyed it. I'm not really into the Marvel stuff very much, but I still enjoyed it. The chase scene at the beginning was fun. It had a sufficient mix of action and interpersonal drama.


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My favorite part was around the shield. I'm very curious how they're going to develop Cap in this series.

Although I've collected (and hoarded) ate drank and slept comics most of my life my wife of 43 years has no interest, so I use her as a barometer for stories like this. She really liked it.

A good time was had by all.


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Second episode was better, some of the FX weren't up to the usual standard.

It's amazing how someone be be the son of Kurt Russle and Goldie Hawn and still not be good looking.