There are not enough threads about ducks

I ate duck in Thailand. Like, the 3rd largest city in the country. But there's a pretty big step down from #2 to #3. I suspect that in the '80s someone decided it was going to be the tourist hotspot of the nation but it didn't pan out. Wonderful elegant but dilapidated hotel with a strip club/brothel in the basement. The waitresses were all teenagers with very little English (I can't talk. I have no Thai.) One day I was torn between the fish and the duck so I asked the waitress for a recommendation (and by then I should have known not to do this, because it isn't like a fancy American restaurant. You got a deer in the headlights stare every time). Ultimately I decided on the duck. Not only did it arrive with the head still on, it conveniently had a hole in the side of its noggin to more easily enjoy the tasty, tasty brains. (I think I put a napkin over the head or something.)

It was tasty.

Just about as I was finishing up, the waitress brought out the fish. She thought I wanted both. Luckily the one waitress they put on each shift that spoke English sorted it out.

Incidentally, the bootleg CD every karaoke bar in the city has doesn't show lyrics for "Sweet Caroline." So you've got to be bold and creative. Of course a lot of people don't speak English so you can fake it fairly well.

PS: The duck was yummy.

PPS: I didn't eat the brains.