I want to smell dark matter
I thought it was the weakest episode because it felt more like a collection of weird stuff rather than a story. But it was still good (I like weird stuff.)

So maybe we're supposed to think the Vietmanese woman and the grandfather have imprisoned Vedit to punish him for the thing he did in the comic (I don't know if I need to spoiler space a thirty year old comic and Laurie did mention what he did last week when she was telling her joke on the phone ANYWAY) but I still think Manhattan has to be involved since you don't set up a blue guy living on Mars without ever showing him.


Boobie inspector
Good episode this week, we finally got the giant space squid. Don't think Wade will be dead, if you don't see it happen it dosnt happen.


Touching the monolith
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I can't wait to find out more about where Veidt is. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.


I want to smell dark matter
How did Veidt know he'd eventually need a horse shoe in his cake? I guess he could have arranged the exact conditions of his imprisonment in advance. Also good episode.