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And no, I don't call you that 'cause you're black. I don't even fuckin' think you are black. I think you're some flannel-clad-ass fuckin' ned-in-a-shed. But you act like a bootlipped mongoloid. You act the word, so you get the word. That's why I'd never call Anna that. She don't act it. She acts like some Mary Poppins-ass nanny-ass narrow-ass school-marm-in'-ass other-peoples'-business-mindin'-ass twat.

I treat people according to how they behave. Yo' ass acts like a damn Uncle Tomfoolery motha fucka.
Bitch-ass mother fucker acts like a damn nigger. Stumbling all over the damn board, pukin' up copypasta all over every damn forum. No manners havin' dumb ass bitch, won't keep his shit to his shit. Me callin' you "nigger" ain't got shit to do with your skin color, it's to do with how you act. Samuel L Jackson is a deep fuckin' cocoa, but I'll put a Ben down that he'd slap the bitch out of you for how you act.
who the fuck gave you the right to label people on a whack ass forum. you really need to stop it. your making an tiny-tiny uncircumcised dick out of yourself.

by the way...stupid.

these racist words you speak doesn't mean...jack shit.

and other thang 'Highwayman'

if you don't like my style. let me go, quit me, don't respond to me, put me on ignore, don't read any threads or topics i respond too.

Now kindly shut the fuck up...dawg



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YOU shut the fuck up, nigger. I just spoke to Jacob (thats tyralak to your dumb nigger ass) and he said you're NEVER posting anything on that board again.

Make me some soup, nigger bitch.
who the fuck gave you the right to label people
I did, cocksucker. I gave me the right. Now you either act right, get your head right, or clog up that fuckin' gaping vagina with a veiny fuckin' pickle, bitch. Nobody's even asking that much of you, just knock it the fuck off with the TNB and keep your retarded ass ape ass TNB in the forum you begged and whined until it was given to you. That fuckin' forum was given to you expressly so you'd STOP fucking up other forums with that copypasta bull shit.

So quit faggoting up this forum with that bull shit, fuckass. Keep your sports faggotry in your faggoty little sports forum, you dumb pube-head cunt.
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The Legendary Troll Kingdom

tell 'tyrlak' to post that here, liar. a triple dog dare him.


he couldn't stop me from becoming a member if i really wanted too.
Right :bigass: You'll NEVER get in Chuckie. He hates your fucking guts, fool. We had lots of laughs at your expense today :D
Everybody hates your fuckin' guts, fool, 'cause you never fuckin' say anything. You just copypasta. That's all you fuckin' do, ever. Your whole sports forum is nothing but you copying and pasting shit and not saying shit about any of it.