Where is the Random Thread of Randomness stuff that doesn't belong in other threads thread?


I love you
I deleted it.
Oh shoot.
I was going to share about how the heat was on too high at work the other day so I took off my 2nd layer and wore just a tank top w/ my cardigan and when I went to the restroom later that day I noticed that the tank top seemed to be pretty much see through. My co-workers didn't tell me! But also I just looked at myself in the mirror and said, "I don't really care" And I didn't put my 2nd layer back on.


I love you
Indeed! I was also going to share about how I upgraded my phone the other day and when the person went to do the transfer from one phone to the other I lamented not deleting my porn viewing from the morning.
But these aren't the only types of things I would put in that thread if it existed.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
And I would have added an appropriate emoji in reaction, something like :scared:

Then I would have asked something sassy, like "Was it good porn?"

(Then in parentheses I might have added something random like "Remember when they were called smileys or smilies, instead of emojis?"


I love you
When I was in the pet store
picking up things for my cat
I picked up a feather duster like toy and couldn't put it down so I purchased it for her I mean me, I mean her. It has really pretty feathers on it and an annoying bell.


Boobie inspector
How is this for random, a month ago my wife bought two helium balloons for our sons 16th birthday, the 6 lost its boyancy weeks ago, but the one is still up on the ceiling.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
I enjoy sucking the helium out and quacking like a duck while I get dizzy from the lack of oxygen.


Pinata Whacker
@Loktar that is what brought me there-was hearing someone on tik tok do a rendition of that song.
I wish I could find other sea shanties on Tiktok. I only seem to be able to find people doing Wellerman or a parody of it. Some variety would be nice.


I love you
It reminds me of some of the songs from "The Good Guys" or is that "Other guys"? With omg I can't even remember thier names, Wahlburg and the one from SNL Will Ferrel. There is a scene where he sings some songs. CHeck it out if you haven't already-maybe you can find some inspiration there.