I want to smell dark matter
Great interview with The Big Show!


(No one's going to reply to a wrestling thread in 2012.)


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One of the few names I recognize from when I watched WWF wrestling. It all went to shit when they changed to WWE and merged with ECW.

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My sons have just gotten interested in wrestling. I just got them WWE AllStars for the Xbox. I never watched wrestling as a kid. Honestly, wrestling came on after Saturday morning cartoons, so when it came on I knew cartoons were over. So, that's what I associated it with.


I want to smell dark matter
They do a Saturday morning kid friendly show now, but I hear they edit out all the violence. Which must be hard.


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Wrestling = Muppets show = sounds about right in terms of comedy. His theory that it is not fake because these people get hurt? Actors get hurt too on the set, some even have died, and their stunt doubles get hurt and have died too. Wrestlers are still actors, and wrestling is still fake since the players are acting; over the top acting, badly written scripts, (certainly not the calebre of "Game of Thrones") but acting nonetheless. So, wrestling is make believe just like actors' movies and TV shows are make believe and, therefore, fake. [The dramatic, soaring background music was over the top, too.]

Bread and circus for the masses.


I want to smell dark matter
No, I just started a thread with the title "wrestling?" and posted wrestling related videos and made wrestling related posts as a joke.

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I remember when Cyndi Lauper got mixed up with wrestling. Suddenly Captain Lou Albano was a superstar with goth kids on MTV.