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Sources: WWE resumes taping Raw and NXT programs after positive coronavirus test
In a statement provided by WWE on Monday, Dr. Jeffrey Dugas, WWE's associate medical director, stated that "all talent, production crew and employees on site at the training and production facilities will be tested for COVID-19.

Undertaker on first WWE title win against Hulk Hogan, memories of Montreal Screwjob
"I was 24, 25 years old, and I just crushed Hulk Hogan -- that's what's going through my head. They gave me this opportunity, they gave me the chance to run with the ball and I just hurt the golden goose. I'm just devastated. Mortified."


Pandemic-related challenges creating opportunities for stars old and new

As the vast majority of all sports and entertainment organizations closed their doors in response to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and waited for a window to reopen all over the world, only a few entities pushed forward under controlled environments. For months, temperature checks were the primary measure in place as WWE tried to keep its performers safe and their enclosed environment free of an outbreak. With the exception of a lone case acknowledged by WWE in late March -- a non-wrestler whose contact had been limited and happened outside a window in which shows had been taped -- WWE seemed to dodge major trouble. While not officially commenting on positive tests, WWE has adopted larger-scale testing for COVID-19 before each of their event tapings in recent weeks. A statement from the company read, "WWE will continue COVID-19 testing of its talent, production crew and employees in advance of TV productions for the foreseeable future."

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