2005 Golden Cookie Awards & more

Sorry, but I guess it's time to make this entirely clear -- Mandi, you and I have a platonic friendship. To be completely blunt, you're too young for it to be more than that.


BitchSlapSmitty said:

IRL? I'd hazard a guess to say this assertion is correct. Here at TK? Honey, denial ain't just a river in Egypt. :D

(Don't sweat it, BSS. Immaturity is the order of the day at Troll Kingdom. You're just doin' what the rest of the Romans are doin'.. ;) ).


Nope, mine. I propositoned him and everything! So there!!! :p

TQ, cast off the yolk of oppression that are these other women. I'm the one you really want. Anyone gets in my way, I slap her silly with a large trout.

I hear them big fishies can hurt real bad! ;) :D
Well, this has gotten out of hand in a more or less comical fashion. But I don't do... uh... *takes a quick count*... fivesomes.

(This is turning out to be a weird week...) :shock:!


Something Wicked
^ sure why not, I've been rejected and dismissed, might as well go back to the topic at hand.. Golden Cookies anyone?


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Caitriona said:
^ sure why not, I've been rejected and dismissed, might as well go back to the topic at hand.. Golden Cookies anyone?
NyQuil is some good shit.

That's all I have to say on the matter. For now.


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Eggs Mayonnaise said:
Perhaps not...do you open Oreos and lick the cream off?
Yes, I do. Does that mean it is not a platonic relationship??

Oh dear, I'm a cookie Fetishist. What will people think?


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The Question said:
I could go for a sammich.
You've come to the right place, The Question.

The Fatman believes that 12-footers are a vestige of the past; we much strive to be innovative with what we put into our mouths, and with what we entertain our precious tastebuds.

Since bread has been out of style for at least 20 years, Fatman recommends baking your own loaf-shaped pastry. It took us a while to get the recipe just right, but the nice Pakistanis who work in the nearby Dunkin' Donuts were more than happy to share their recipe with their most favored customer.

As far as preliminary ingredients go, we recommend margarine instead of butter. Butter lacks the salty goodness of margarine, and takes ages to defrost. You should never have to wait to provide your body with the necessary ingredients for continued survival on this cold, lonely planet.

How many layers you decide to add to your project, ..err, sandwich, depends on your imagination. Fatman personally never settles for anything less than 4 layers, each filled with the basic foodgroups: Sweets, Fruit, Dairy, and Pizza.

To hold it together, why settle for wooden toothpicks when you can bake gingerbread-shaped ones?

Fatman usually tops it off with the optional whipped cream and cherry on top, though adding that will require handling your sandwich with gloves. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.
^^Well, that's certainly one hellish... I mean, one hell of a sandwich -- but I'm talkin' 'bout a sammich.

Tough, chewy bread top to bottom of a generous helping of deli-thin ham drownin' in melted swiss and provalone, the both of 'em sprawled out nice and comfy on a cool bed of crisp lettuce that's been shown the generous end of the horseradish and the sweet dijon mustard, the whole assembly bisected with surgical precision and served up next to a heaping helping of pipin' hot O-rings and escorted by a frosty cold Tsing-Tao.

EDIT: And for dessert, one of missmanners' famous, delicious Golden Cookies. ;)