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missmanners...................all of that stuff in your yard is WEEDS. The big tall ones are dandolions gone wild............the wild strawberry's, don't eat them. I used to have that kind of stuff in my yard and I pulled them up because they have a runner root system. If you want to use it as ground is ok. The other plant with the wild strawberries is an "herb", has a purple flower sometime in the summer, used to grow wild in TN, some people consider it a weed.

Poison Oak or Poison Ivy?? either way.........UGH.....I am highly allergic. The only real way to get rid of it is to pull it up by the roots or dig it up. If it is poison will "spray" in the fall. I can't go anyway near it when the sap is up on that will jump out on you even if you don't brush up against it. Spraying will kill the green part but the root system will still be there.

You should see the weeds in my yard...........ugh. I need to get some weed-killer not that it really matters anymore. My mower is on the blink so I just weed-eat my yard. It is so small I can get away with doing that.

Pretty lawn..........I am surprized the bunny just laid there and let you take a pic. Remember this..........rabbits burrow in plants underground. I learned the hard way when I was spraying my monkey grass on time and two days later I found 4 little bunnies dead near a hole in the ground. They camoflauge the hole to blend in with the ground, plants.

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Your direction has merit, but the delivery... pah.

But you're still welcome at my table.