Private Sector Employees vs Government Employees


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Ultros said:
Is that missmanners?

not now. missmanners has changed "owners" several times on this board. I have a feeling she is getting ready to smack all of you down cause she ain't no Human Trafficking object or something. She owns herself and you aren't going to pass her around anymore!!

<insert BIG frowny face>


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Me said:
the girl who hung up on me (866-893-9622) <----one of those PESKY blasted 800 #'s

This girl ^^up there^^that I was talking about..........she was either recording our conversation or on speaker phone. I could tell.


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Good grief, am I in danger here? Shit, I can't

even visit a site like this without having to look over my shoulder. What is this world coming to?

Phil McCracken

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Please do not upset The Question.
He will hit you with his paper fan.



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Tamar_Garish said:
Whatsa matter Debbie, some crooked cop shoot your dog in the head?

Whatsa matter TAMAR? Some crooked doctor jimmied the pin loose from one of the wheels on your wheelchair thus causing it to fall apart as you were rolling towards SAREK's cock?


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The Question said:
You might oughta not claim to be "in a federal agency", Debbie, lest ya end up in federal custodah.

Who is Debbie??? hey!!!!! are you the guy who hacked my puter and got those online pharmacy links??? Is that how you plan to "do me in" in........"that's it..You're Done!!!!!"

I'm scared of you, I think you are Dangerous. As in *out-of-control* dangerous. Shouldn't you be concentrating on the Human Traffic thing where they are smuggling in black herion via "mules"..........women with big tittie breast implants???