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HBO’s New Series American Gods Won’t Be Like Game of Thrones

American Gods isn't going to follow the formula that has been set up by Game of Thrones.

The upcoming HBO series, headed up by author Neil Gaiman, is also an adaptation, this time of Gaiman's novel of the same title. But Gaiman, speaking with MTV News, stated that he hopes to throw in some "interesting divergences" from the plot of his original novel.

That's in contrast to the strict adaptation route that Game of Thrones is taking. Of course, that works because Game of Thrones is adapting a planned seven book series, while American Gods draws from just American Gods.

"The overall plan right now is that the first season would essentially be the first book, with a few interesting divergences," Gaiman said. "Because you don't want the people who've read the book to be able to go, 'I know everything that's going to be happening here.' Well, no. You know a lot more than anybody who is starting from here, but we will do things that will surprise you, too."

And what happens when that first season ends and they run out of source material?

"There was alway so much more plot for American Gods [such as] what happens to [protagonist] Shadow and what happens in the fallout [of the book's events]. So we're just going to follow it along [in future seasons]."

When asked if he would bring in the spin-off Anansi Boys into the series, Gaiman (who wrote an episode of the current series of Doctor Who) said no, citing that that book would receive a miniseries of its own in the future.

Check out the full interview with Gaiman below.

American Gods is expected to premiere in 2013.

I didn't know American Gods was going to be on TV! I must have been napping during that discussion or SOMETHING.


Right, let's give this a go:

@neilmiself My friend Cassie read about American Gods coming to HBO & nearly died of excitement. How would you suggest to calm her?

He probably won't reply ;)


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I do love Gaiman's novels. HBO seem to be picking out Cassie's library and putting it to film.



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HEY, Neil was the first celebrity to ever tweet at me on TWITTER, MOFO! I asked him WHAT ARE HASHTAGS? and he answered me, srsly. He seems like a very nice person.

American Gods is an awesome book, and it should make a great basis for a series. I AM EXCITED.


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I am going to start sending the collected works of Ursula le Guin to the head of HBO every day for a year. When I don't get a response I will start writing out the collected works of Ursula le Guin on the skin of my victims, before sending it in.



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Neil Gaiman was often bullied as a child.

"Hah! Neil! What a stupid name! I bet it's because you kneel a lot!", the other children would chortle.


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I'm glad that Neil is on-board.

However, in general the more I like a book the less I like the adaptations to other media.


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Given the fact that I've had fan-gasms over 98% of the book adaptations that HBO has done, I'm very very happy that he scored HBO. Now if they'd redo Neverwhere I'd be over the moon.


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Couldn't he have just published the "prefered text" ten years ago so people wouldn't have to buy the same book twice?