American Gods


Boobie inspector
Untouchables homage aside, this didn't light any fires, odd aspect changes too. Bland opening.


I want to smell dark matter
I likd when Odin was crowd-surfing. Most of the Gods stuff is boring and reptitive though, basically two characters will meet up and say "there's a war coming" or threaten each other and then not actually do anything.

Is Laura really dead for real now? I mean, she turned to dust. That seems pretty final.


Touching the monolith
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Finally watched the first one. Not too bad, I guess they're getting the story going. It does look like Laura is really dead. For a second I hoped the leprechaun guy would get to come back.


I want to smell dark matter
How long have Ian McShane's teeth been like that? It's distracting.

I like the small town stuff but it makes the scenes with the Gods seem even more repetitive (always good to see Peter Stormare however!)