COVID-19 check in thread


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It’s weird here (Seattle). Being the epicenter of the US outbreak life is both very abnormal and normal. Most every gathering place/activity is cancelled/closed (school, libraries, shows, offices, sex clubs, community centers, etc) but most everyone is otherwise unaffected.

Hoping to send the kids to AL to stay with my parents so they can go to school. So far my classes haven’t been cancelled but who knows.


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They cancelled the St Paddy's day parades but yay I still can have some kegs and eggs and get my day drunk on. Somewhat. I still need to drive.

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A few cases here in Arkansas. LR city mayor is panicking and shutting stuff down for a couple of weeks.

I went to the VA today for an appointment, and they were screening people at the door. My fucking doctor tried to shake hands with me, but I fistbumpted him instead.

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<-- Fine. I've been working from home for 10 years so my daily life isn't at all different so far, other than a slightly longer wait for deliveries, and being on Twitter 24/7 to rage at the administration.

Hope all are well.


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I just got a 3 week paid vacation from where I work, even though there's only 2 cases so far in VT. We have large groups come to the gym, and we get flooded with tourists from all the other states in the area and Canada, so I'm being told to stay home and stay away from people and any crowds.


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I live in Florida, the theme parks are closing on Monday, the nursing homes have stopped allowing visitors, all sports events are not allowing fan attendance, etc. Went shopping last week, srsly, I have enough stuff for a month. It was like getting ready for a hurricane, except I'm not worried about the power going out and needing bottled water. I don't know why people are buying so much toilet paper and bottled water, it doesn't even make sense.