COVID-19 check in thread


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Did you get a flu shot? Tis the season and all that.

Hope you're feeling better and it's just a nasty something that isn't the 'rona. Get plenty of rest.


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I really feel as if I have been operating as a robot for the past year. I am sure I have let myself feel feelings, I am sure I have weeped, but to really grasp the enormity of everything that has happened, is happening feels like a hurricane of emotions just waiting to let themselves out of my body right now.


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How is your brother Loktar?
He is all better now. We hung out with our friend Mike last night at a cigar shop and played in a poker tournament. I got third place and won $70 dollars. But I got a little drunk and ended up spending it all on Ubers to get our friend Mike home, me and Ed to his apartment, and then an Uber to the cigar shop to pick up my car this morning.


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My "cold" came back just as I was going to bed last night. Just that burning/tingling sensation in my mouth, throat and chest keeping me up for part of the night. I did get to sleep eventually and felt better in the morning but it keeps coming back on and off with some chest pain too. Is it normal for a cold to come back a week after you got over it?
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I love you
I had a cold on and off for 1 winter a couple of years back. It was frustrating. Your body is fighting!