Game of Thrones season 8


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I suspected that was the case, as to make it convincing they would’ve needed a new cg model of the dog just for that shot, but they could’ve worked around it. The real dog could’ve been enough to get the idea across. Just a pat.
Theon's ultimate redemption, and sacrifice was a beautiful moment until he looked like a 12 year old girl charging toward the Night King. The episode was way too dark. Couldn't see shit that went on at winterfell. I'd like an explanation for how Arya jetted past all those wight walkers. Yeah she's a master assassin, but did she learn some kind of cloaking ability from the faceless men? Did Bran somehow conceal her from detection? Did the Night King just not take her seriously because he was centuries old with an outdated viewpoint on women in the battlefield? 1 dragon left? Really? Why didn't they just start mowing down the last dragon and the unsullied while they were standing outnumbered outside the castle walls of Kings Landing? I thought Tyrion was gonna get a giant crossbow to the torso when he walked up towards the walls. Glad he didn't.


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Literally her entire character over the last 8 seasons, it seems.
Don't you remember Dany's long established and well developed hatred of bells?

It's a shame because I thought Emilia Clarke was great in this episode (the first half, before she was just a dot in the distnace setting things on fire), some of her best acting in the whole show. She could be a convincing mad queen! And the imagery was suitably shocking enough to show the horror of what she was doing. But the problem is the writing did not justify this turn in her character at all. And that's kind of a huge problem!

Cersei gets about six lines in her last ever episode? She didn't actually have a plan? She just executed Missandei in front of Dany last week then let all her enemies live (so many giant crossbows aimed at them!) for a laugh or something? Jaime didn't even kill her? Didn't they include the prophecy about her being killed by her younger brother in the show (I'm pretty sure they did.)

The Clegane fight looked cool but felt pretty empty (hey, it's a metaphor for this season!) considering Gregor's been an undead zombie on his third or fourth actor for a few seasons now.

There wasn't really much point in Arya being there? I mean there were some highly impressive tracking shots of her running about, but Sandor could have given her that speech back in Winterfell and saved her a really long trip. And about four false death scenes.

There sure were a lot of Dothraki still alive after we seemingly saw 95% of them dying.

Euron appeaing out of nowhere to fight Jamie was dumb but I guess doing dumb stuff is Euron's character. It's weird how he could shoot Rhaegal in the air three times last week but kept missing Drogon.

But yeah the special effects were good.


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The battle was as epic as you'd expect, but then it went on and on and Dany's madness was neverending, and also Drogon can just breathe fire for hours?

Fucking Urine Greyjoy needed a more satisfying death.

Tyrion ratting out Varys for treason, and then immediately committing treason was terrible.

Arya was a bad ass in the battle for the north, evading zombies, and then killing the Night King... but she could hardly do anything at King's Landing. Anyway, I am glad she survived, and I think the white horse scene was really good.

Almost forgot about Darth Mountain. I'm glad Clegane finally got his revenge.


Is this real life?
Is that in The Guardian? Looks and sounds like it.

Out of all the questionable plot choices this season, Dany going ‘mad’ is probably the one I’m most on board with. I think they (or Emilia Clarke) did a good job of showing how alone and uncared for she feels. Mormont, Missendei, two of her dragons dead, the Dothraki and Unsullied bore the brunt of the dead toll in the battle of Winterfell, her boyfriend’s her nephew and is the rightful heir and more popular. I think she’s justifiably angry, though obviously not enough to justify mass murder. I do wish they’d cut back to her a few times, though, or shortened her attack. As much as she has lashed out at people over the years, I don’t buy it that she’d watch kids on fire and not eventually come to her sense.

Another thing I liked was Cersei’s end. I mean I would’ve liked a lot more dialogue and a lot less staring out of windows leading up to it, but I thought that her dying much like anyone else in King’s Landing was better than a big showdown. Dictators in real life rarely get their cumupance or are forced to admit their wrongs, so I like that this was unsatisfying. Even if that wasn’t the intention. I hope her body isn’t found and people speculate that she made her escape to Brazil for years to come.


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Yeah I thought it was noticable that they didn't cut to her reaction once children started burning. Maybe because they realised it wouldn't make sense.