I haven't mentioned WF in literally MONTHS.

I'm picturing the people who were down wind all, in unison, yelling, "BEEEEEEEEEF!!!" and running out of their houses, but like cartoon style, with a lot of flailing limbs building into a cloud of dust that dissipates into comic book panel speed lines.


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Today I realized their bread & butter (be that as it may) forum is called the Red Room. And I remembered back when Borgs tried to have room icons, back in the day. And I realized that could work today:


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I remember the fiasco of what they called the champagne room I believe, where they were posting naughty pictures of themselves and foolishly believed that nobody would use them against them!! Lol
Peeking into Wrodfrodge is like looking into an aquarium full of scorpions -- and the scorpions are fucking the plastic shrubs and attacking each other. It's fascinating.


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So apparently Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer. Pretty certainly fatal. Lonely Squire posted it--an obvious troll. But it got bit on instantly. Words to the effect of: "I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone. But what a terrible piece of shit. He deserves it and I hope he suffers."

Ah, the Diverse, Tolerant Left. <3
Just to be clear, I'm permabanned from the Red Room.

They don't want anybody there who is "Not Of The Body." They can't fuckin' handle it. Because they have no comebacks, no counter-arguments. This is why Socialism (or its less fucking cowardly manifestation, Communism) fails. This is why it has to build walls and fences and guards to keep its victims in, rather than keeping invaders out. Fucking nobody invades Cuba or China to live in those fucking "utopias." People flee from that bullshit. So the "enlightened" pen their victims in.

Except you can't really do that online. You can't keep your message board members in; all you can do is keep the dissenters out so they don't tear down your zeitgeist and foment defection among your carefully cultivated herd. And that's what we see with Wrodfrodge.
I wonder if they know about the thread-paralleling convos at their board but happening on Dissenter where they have NO POWAH to stop 'em. :naughty:

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Posting a pic of the Obamas photoshopped as chimps.
Rather crude, but probably effective. You're better than that, though.

It sort of always amused me that they forked off from TNZ to get away from the Draconian rules there when Misstress Lisa was in charge, only to see their fork devolve into a similar rules lawyering scenario later. If you look at it from the outside as I do, they're probably even worse about that than TrekBBS was back in 2003. I suppose the appropriate term would be "Moderator Creep" as opposed to mission creep. But fuck, they are creeps either way.