I haven't mentioned WF in literally MONTHS.

Starship Coyote

Original Gangster!
If you had told me twenty years ago that I would no longer care about Star Wars, Star Trek or doctor who, I would have said you were crazy!!!
I'm getting there. A neighbor of mine is a major SW and ST junkie... especially SW... and will bore the hell out of me with his endless SW babble about Clone Wars and other shit I don't care about. I haven't even watched The Mandolorian yet. Don't plan on it either.


Zombie Hunter
The last movie I watched first-run was "Spiderman: Homecoming." For some reason I was worried that I'd miss it if I waited for it to hit the second-run theater. And for some reason I felt it was important to see it.

Awesome second-run and independent theaters is one thing I miss about Portland Oregon. Apparently Louisville had one independent theater left that closed over a decade ago. And now there's one 8plex in a strip mall that has cheap movies. In Portland you have the McMenamin's chain. They buy up funky old buildings like a Quaker mission or a building from the World's Fair and turn them into pub/movie theaters. You can go see "Joker" while eating a tasty burger and enjoying one of their microbrews in neat surroundings. Here your only option is a multiplex that is like a trip back to 1985.
By necessity /= by choice. And just because this 60%-ghost-town-ass town is what I can afford doesn't mean I can't make mention of how shit it is. If I could still afford Jewed-out-of-affordability Tempe, that's where I'd be. As an aside: you know, you don't have to be a dick, it's just an option.