The Flash season 6


Pinata Whacker
Also, why can't The Flash be fun again? TIRED OF MOPEY SADNESS ALL THE TIME :rwmad:
It will be fun again when the Crisis is over and Barry found some loophole to cheat death. And Oliver will cheat death also somehow. And all our favorite heroes whose Earth's got destroyed my an Anti matter beam will miraculously have been off world or be alive somehow when they merge the Earth's into one.


Boobie inspector
Since when do they use centigrade in America? Is this one of the side effects of filming in Canada?


I want to smell dark matter
Killing Gypsy off screen seemed kind of cruel, and the way they were talking about her at the end made it sound like the actress had died or something (she hasn't, she's fine and in Watchmen under a mask.) Breacher's pretty dumb for thinking Sisco was the killer (why would Sisco have shown him?) when he's literally from another Earth and knows there's different versions of everyone. Weird episode.


I want to smell dark matter
Why is Breacher named "Breacher" anyway when there's a whole organisation of people who can breach? Did he invent it?


I want to smell dark matter
Did we really need a C-plot about Guy Who Was In One Episode Before trying to ask a girl out? And why does every romantic relationship in this show start at that same coffee shop?

The Bond stuff was really lazy. Like just lifting lines from Bond movies doesn't make a Bond parody.

Why did Ralph just stand there like an idiot when Mohinder showed up at the end instead of like using his powers or something?