Top Tens for 2019


I want to smell dark matter

1) Alison Brie - Alison Brie is my favourite female celebrity.
2) Elle Fanning - We're approaching the Elle Fanning Cuteness Singularity where she'll consume all matter in the universe with her cuteness.
3) Scarlett Johansson - She's a top level girl.
4) Zendaya - I basically love Zendaya.
5) Anna Kendrick - They don't call her Anna Cuteduck for nothing.
6) Holly Earl - She's great in the face (and everywhere.)
7) Karen Gillan - We all agree that Karen Gillan is one of the best.
8) Lauren Tsai - Her face is actually top level if you look at it.
9) Lily-Rose Depp - Getting close to arriving.
10) Nathalie Emmanuel - I'm still highly into her at the moment.
11) Emma Roberts
12) Emily Ratajkowski
13) Brie Larson
14) Imogen Poots
15) Cara Delevingne
16) Kiernan Shipka
17) Dakota Blue Richards
18) Tessa Thompson
19) Emma Stone
20) Sadie Sink
21) Reina Hardesty
22) Barbara Palvin
23) Evan Rachel Wood
24) Felicity Jones
25) Chloe Bennet
26) Natalia Dyer
27) Anya Taylor-Joy
28) Maya Hawke
29) Leven Rambin
30) Kathryn Newton
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I want to smell dark matter

1) Alison Brie - I still see no reason not to have her at number one.
2) Scarlett Johansson - Also a "most physically attractive actress" contender.
3) Karen Gillan - Definitely not Karen Villain.
4) Elle Fanning - Invented 84 new ways to be cute this week alone.
5) Zendaya - She's Zengreat, ya!
6) Natalie Portman - Late breaking return to the "attending events and being photographed" world and it's a strong one.
7) Hailee Steinfeld - I hold Hailee Steinfeld in very high regard.
8) Felicity Jones - Very much Felicpretty Jones.
9) Holly Earl - She's great.
10) Kat Dennings - Always good to see.
11) Freema Agyeman
12) Maya Hawke
13) Cara Delevingne
14) Nathalie Emmanuel
15) Evan Rachel Wood
16) Lauren Tsai
17) Lily-Rose Depp
18) Sadie Sink
19) Gal Gadot
20) Brie Larson
21) Emily Ratajkowski
22) Kiernan Shipka
23) Pom Klementieff
24) Vanessa Hudgens
25) Anna Kendrick
26) Isla Fisher
27) Larsen Thompson
28) Jameela Jamil
29) Natalie Dormer
30) Sarah Michelle Gellar

Next list on Monday to cover the Emmy Awards, girlfriend.

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Actually this weekend is the Creative Arts Emmys (the lesser awards they don't want to give out on the main show).

Although, they keep making a bigger deal of this pre-Emmys Emmys each year, so there should be some stars there.

Next weekend is the Primetime Emmy Awards with all the A-list stars.


I want to smell dark matter
WHAAAAAAAAT. Fuck. All my plans ruined! (My plans were to talk about it in chat with you guys. I was already annoying Tomtrek and Cassie by talking about it.)

But still doing next list on Monday for personal reasons.

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UPDATE: The Creative Arts Emmys are being handed out this weekend (both Sat/Sun), but the edited TV show will air next Saturday on cable (FXX). But there may still be photos of nice lady celebrities arriving to the awards on the internet this weekend.

The Primetime Emmys air live next Sunday night on Fox. Full red carpet show etc. BONC!


I want to smell dark matter
"Presenting the award for best haidressing...ALISON BRIE FOR SOME REASON!" - The Creative Emmys, hopefully.


I want to smell dark matter

1) Kiernan Shipka - The Year of Shipka is back on!
2) Hailee Steinfeld - I love Hailee Steinfeld.
3) Alison Brie - I want her to still be at number one but there's been number one worthy new pics of other girls (Kiernan and Hailee) and none of her for a few weeks so this is what happens.
4) Natalie Portman - Portmanly Natalie.
5) Karen Gillan - The best Scottish girl.
6) Zendaya - Officially recognised as one of the best girls.
7) Felicity Jones - Her face is at the top level of faces.
8) Freema Agyeman - See above.
9) Elle Fanning - She's great.
10) Holly Earl - Continues to prove how great she is.
11) Charlotte Hope
12) Nathalie Emmanuel
13) Kat Dennings
14) Scarlett Johansson
15) Maya Hawke
16) Vanessa Hudgens
17) Milana Vayntrub
18) Cara Delevingne
19) Chloe Bennet
20) Elizabeth Henstridge
21) Alexa Bliss
22) Lauren Tsai
23) Sadie Sink
24) Lily-Rose Depp
25) Genevieve Buechner
26) Emily Ratajkowski
27) Kathryn Newton
28) Kristen Stewart
29) Sasha Banks
30) Kristine Froseth


I want to smell dark matter

1) Kiernan Shipka - Looks like we're back to the state of her being near impossible to beat, so that's nice.
2) Alison Brie - Happy tenth ANNIEversary!
3) Hailee Steinfeld - She's one of the best girls.
4) Karen Gillan - Also on that level of being one of the best girls.
5) Zendaya - What more is there to say.
6) Natalie Portman - Always a contender.
7) Charlotte Hope - Her face is one of the best.
8) Freema Agyeman - So is hers!
9) Lauren Tsai - Not exactly at the back of the the line when they were handing out faces either.
10) Holly Earl - Deserves more high rankings.
11) Felicity Jones
12) Maya Hawke
13) Elle Fanning
14) Nathalie Emmanuel
15) Scarlett Johansson
16) Hazuki
17) Brianna Hildebrand
18) Hana Kimura
19) Conor Leslie
20) Ivana Baquero
21) Zoe Lucas
22) Diane Guerrero
23) Jamie Hayter
24) Kristine Froseth
25) Kathryn Newton
26) Valentina Novakovic
27) Tam Nakano
28) Jenny Nicholson
29) Azita Ghanizada


I want to smell dark matter
There haven't been many pics of her since Love was cancelled. :(

Oh yeah, in case there's any doubt, next list on Monday to cover the Emmy Awards FOR REAL THIS TIME.


I want to smell dark matter

1) Zendaya - The world of female celebrities welcomes its new Queen. All hail Zendaya.
2) Karen Gillan - She's one of the very best girls out of all the girls. From my point of view.
3) Emilia Clarke - Her smile brings light to dark places.
4) Kiernan Shipka - They don't call her Perfect Face Shipka for nothing.
5) Alison Brie - I like her.
6) Nathalie Emmanuel - Definitely still a Best Girl of Thrones contender.
7) Chloe Grace Moretz - It's looking ike the Moretz Feelingz are back.
8) Natalie Portman - She makes me happy.
9) Tiya Sircar - Deserves high level recognition.
10) Maya Hawke - Same.
11) Emma Roberts
12) Anna Kendrick
13) Hailee Steinfeld
14) Billie Lourd
15) Freema Agyeman
16) Kat Dennings
17) Maisie Williams
18) Kathryn Newton
19) Sophie Turner
20) Sadie Sink
21) Emily Ratajkowski
22) Barbara Palvin
23) Eva Green
24) Kristen Stewart
25) Elizabeth Olsen
26) Brie Larson
27) Ming-Na Wen
28) Tessa Thompson
29) Amy Adams
30) Lena Headey


I want to smell dark matter

1) Natalie Portman - And so it is. Natalie proves once again why she's Natalie.
2) Zendaya - Still at the top level of all levels!
3) Emilia Clarke - I am heavily into Emilia Clarke at the moment.
4) Anna Kendrick - Anna Cuteduck.
5) Karen Gillan - Always at this level.
6) Dakota Blue Richards - She's great.
7) Alison Brie - I hope we see her again before next season of GLOW.
8) Kiernan Shipka - Will not drop from the top ten I'm sure.
9) Nathalie Emmanuel - Nathotlie Emmanuhot.
10) Chloe Grace Moretz - Still not sure if the Moretz Feelingz are back but they're waiting in the wings.
11) Maisie Williams
12) Holly Earl
13) Tiya Sircar
14) Elizabeth Henstridge
15) Emily Ratajkowski
16) Jameela Jamil
17) Emma Roberts
18) Maya Hawke
19) Lauren Tsai
20) Kat Dennings
21) Cara Delevingne
22) Larsen Thompson
23) Sadie Sink
24) Isla Fisher
25) Carly Rae Jepsen
26) Kathryn Newton
27) Mandip Gill
28) Natalia Dyer


I want to smell dark matter

1) Natalie Portman - She's probably the best girl ever.
2) Anna Kendrick - The first girl to ever be Anna Kendrick.
3) Zendaya - I am a big fan of her as I may have mentioned.
4) Karen Gillan - Continues to be a top five performer.
5) Emily Ratajkowski - I do like girls like her sometimes as well.
6) Emilia Clarke - She's so cute.
7) Kristen Bell - This is a GOOD PLACE for her to appear on the list.
8) Alison Brie - We need new Brie to keep her where she should be.
9) Hayley Atwell - A welcome return.
10) Elle Fanning - Made out of kittens.
11) Sadie Sink
12) Holly Earl
13) Nathalie Emmanuel
14) Tiya Sircar
15) Hailee Steinfeld
16) Kathryn Newton
17) Kat Dennings
18) Emma Roberts
19) Kiernan Shipka
20) Larsen Thompson
21) Freema Agyeman
22) Zoey Deutch
23) Jameela Jamil
24) Anjli Mohindra
25) Billie Lourd

Going back to one a week (on Thursday) since September's over and I don't give a fuck about anything anymore.


I want to smell dark matter

1) Elle Fanning - She is the princess of cuteness.
2) Natalie Portman - There's been a lot of Natalie lately.
3) Chloe Grace Moretz - Yep I've got those Feelingz.
4) Anna Kendrick - It's good how small how she is.
5) Karen Gillan - I am a big fan.
6) Nathalie Emmaneul - She is the best Girl of Thrones.
7) Emily Ratajkowski - Continues to appeal to me in obvious (but no less valid) ways.
8) Katie McGrath - Greatie McGreat.
9) Scarlett Johansson - This is a good looking movie star.
10) Zazie Beetz - Seems like one to watch!
11) Maisie Williams
12) Zendaya
13) Elizabeth Olsen
14) Kristen Bell
15) Emilia Clarke
16) Reina Hardesty
17) Kiernan Shipka
18) Lili Reinhart
19) Alison Brie
20) Charlotte Hope
21) Elizabeth Henstridge
22) Sadie Sink
23) Larsen Thompson
24) Lauren Tsai
25) Anjli Mohindra
26) Samara Weaving
27) Hailee Steinfeld
28) Lily-Rose Depp
29) Kathryn Newton


I want to smell dark matter

1) Chloe Grace Moretz - The Moretz Feelingz have taken over again and I've fine with it.
2) Elle Fanning - Cuter than the Kitten Collective.
3) Anna Kendrick - There's just something about Anna Kendrick.
4) Felicity Jones - The most beautiful English actress.
5) Natalie Portman - She is the most legendary female celebrity.
6) Karen Gillan - Her face is great.
7) Abigail Breslin - She's back.
8) Naomi Scott - I like her now.
9) Kristen Stewart - It's great about how good she is.
10) Kiernan Shipka - The scrunchiest nose on a human.
11) Zendaya
12) Nathalie Emmanuel
13) Katie McGrath
14) Maya Hawke
15) Kirsten Dunst
16) Sophie Tweed-Simmons
17) Kairi Sane
18) Emily Ratajkowski
19) Elizabeth Olsen
20) Freema Agyeman
21) Reina Hardesty
22) Asuka
23) Kristen Bell
24) Alison Brie
25) Natalia Dyer
26) Barbara Palvin
27) Lauren Tsai
28) Lyrica Okano
29) Scarlett Johansson
30) Emma Roberts
31) Kathryn Newton
32) Anna Hopkins
33) Sasha Banks
34) Sarah Michelle Gellar
35) Michelle Trachtenberg


I want to smell dark matter

1) Scarlett Johansson - No one's looking better right now.
2) Abigail Breslin - She has re-arrived.
3) Emily Ratajkowski - It's good that she invented bikinis.
4) Natalie Portman - There's been a lot of Natalie lately.
5) Zendaya - Our new leader.
6) Elle Fanning - She is made out of cake.
7) Chloe Grace Moretz - Feelingz still there.
8) Kiernan Shipka - Kiernan Scrunchpa.
9) Alice Levine - Deserves a lot more hotness recognition.
10) Kat Dennings - If her show was on Netflix I'd watch it.
11) Karen Gillan
12) Maya Hawke
13) Anna Kendrick
14) Lauren Tsai
15) Holly Earl
16) Hannah John-Kamen
17) Emma Roberts
18) Zoey Deutch
19) Aubrey Plaza
20) Larsen Thompson
21) Jameela Jamil
22) Gemma Arterton
23) Emma Stone
24) Anne Hathaway
25) Sophie Tweed-Simmons
26) Janina Gavankar
27) Brie Larson
28) Nathalie Emmanuel
29) Kristen Bell
30) Katelyn Nacon
31) Naomi Scott
32) Barbara Palvin
33) Adria Arjona
34) Camlia Mendes
35) Billie Lourd
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I want to smell dark matter

1) Hailee Steinfeld - No one else was considered for the top spot for even the smallest possible unit of time.
2) Scarlett Johansson - Continues to continue to continue to look better than ever.
3) Elle Fanning - Sometimes you just have to think about the fact that Elle Fanning exists and feels slightly happy.
4) Karen Gillan - Her face is one of the best.
5) Natalie Portman - The constant.
6) Emma Roberts - A top level girl.
7) Maya Hawke - Great in a towel.
8) Alison Brie - A really great girl with Brie in her name.
9) Brie Larson - See above.
10) Lauren Tsai - She is beautiful.
11) Holly Earl
12) Kiernan Shipka
13) Abigail Breslin
14) Charlotte Hope
15) Katie McGrath
16) Kat Dennings
17) Chloe Grace Moretz
18) Tiya Sircar
19) Kirsten Dunst
20) Maisie Williams
21) Hana Kimura
22) Jameela Jamil
23) Danielle Panabaker
24) Candice Patton
25) Caitlin Stasey
26) Camila Mendes
27) Jenny Nicholson
28) Emilia Clarke
29) Zoe De Grand Maison
30) Zendaya
31) Elizabeth Henstridge
32) Cara Delevingne
33) Freema Agyeman
34) Rebecca Ferguson
35) Michelle Trachtenberg


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I haven't done one of these in a while.

1. Alina Zagitova -- She's just amazing.

2. Evgenia Medvedeva. -- She is also amazing. I don't feasibly see a scenario where these two Russian waifu's are not in the top 2 for the next decade tbh. Nobody can compete.

5bf30302515ca1a8fe140794514b6400 (1).jpg

3. Anna Kendrick -- Her beauty/quirky ratio is basically perfect. I LOVE HER.


4. Felicity Jones -- Incredible girl!


5. Daisy Ridley -- My scepticism about the new Star Wars film doesn't stop me from appreciating Daisy


6. Hana Kimura -- Her star is rising.

7. Natalie Portman -- THE ETERNAL ONE


8. Claudia Winkleman -- It's time for my long-standing love of Claudia to be recognized.

Winkleman, Claudia 13.JPG

9. Alison Brie -- I really like her a lot!

Alison Brie (53).jpg

9. Asuka -- My attraction towards this woman is extremely high.

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I want to smell dark matter
^I want to watch a Japanese reality show just for's probably a bad idea.

35 should be "... and Michelle Trachtenberg as Michelle Trachtenberg"
It's a "I still care about Michelle Trachtenberg and want to keep her alive in list competition but am going to have to see proper pics or an appearance in a tv show to be able to accurately rank her" ranking.