Wacky Reviews: Things He's Watched On Netflix


Is this real life?
Pretty sure it’s response to real life and they’re just continuing the farcical nature of it. Can’t say the trailer actually seems that amusing to me, but I’ll give it a go if it’s on Netflix at some point.


Pinata Whacker
I watched all episodes of Midnight Gospel. It was good. I bet it would be even better to watch it while high.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
I never noticed the foot fetish part of Tarantino before, just the graphic violence, Hollywood references and homoeroticism parts.

I wonder what he's like when he's alone in a room.


Boobie inspector
Well there's none in reservoir dogs, as there are almost no women in the film, and it's more talking about feet than showing them in pulp fiction, but then it starts in a big way in kill Bill.


I love you
I watched Dead To Me.
It was good.

I do have to admit however that there is a part of me that-how do I say? Linda Cardellini is so freaking cute. It is almost like too cute. So fucking cute. I can't handle it. Her outfits even, her dresses.