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Well, I couldn't tell what the controversy was, so since it is still playing on Netflix I decided to start watching it.
So far I still can't tell what the controversy is.
Probably people are uncomfortable watching teens.


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Yeah I just read up on the controversy. Maybe I should make a separate thread?

I also finished watching it. Though some scenes did make me uncomfortable I really liked what it was saying. I would rather watch this than like some version of fake kids nowadays that doesn't exist These kids exist today for a reason.

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These same people have had no problem watching Toddlers & Tiaras and Dance Moms for the past decade.
I didn't appreciate either of those shitstorms either.

Little girls shouldn't be grinding their hips on the floor as seen in "Cuties." It brings out the freaks.

But look who I'm talking to. Nevermind.


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So at what age should it be okay for women to be grinding their hips on the floor?

I find it odd that it isn't okay to look at a person at age 17, but then a day later they are 18 and suddenly it is legal to look at them any way one wants.

I agree little girls shouldn't be grinding thier hips in that way
Contests shouldn't exist where that is okay-

But if indeed such things are happening perhaps bringing it to light is better than sweeping it under the rug like everything else is.


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I blame Swayze and Grey in Dirty Dancing for helping to normalize it. She was only 15, dirty dancing with a 27(?) year old man.

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I blame Swayze and Grey in Dirty Dancing for helping to normalize it. She was only 15, dirty dancing with a 27(?) year old man.
Go back even further to Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", and Nastassja Kinski in "Tess".


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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind managed to show how weird pageants are without giving pedos wank material.


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I am currently watching the campy Enola Holmes.
Shall I post it here or in movies? I don't know!
Enola is Alone backwards.
Enola is played by Millie Bobby Brown
It has her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock played by Sam Clafin and Henry Cavill


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Thanks! I saw it. And then I saw your review, but I didn't read it yet because I want to watch it first. And now of course I probably will like it!!!! I couldn't remember where I had seen that main character or her name.


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I've watched the first three episods and it's good! You don't have to remember anything about a 35 year old movie as it shows you what you need in flashbacks. I like how it shows things from the point of view of the character who would be considered the "villain" if you were seeing it from Daniel's point of view, and how he you still want him to succeed even though he's obviously doing things wrong. The kids are okay in an updated eighties movie kids kind of way. And it's pretty funny.
I didn't like season two as much as season one. Season one is almost a comedy and was very funny at times. I really enjoyed the dark humour of Johnny saying terrible things to Miquel while teaching him, something we don't get in season two. Now obviously I'm fine with developing Johnny's character (and that's the best thing about season two) the problem is they try to make everything more serious in season two. You can't do a show about two rival middle age karate fighters and try to make it dramatic without it coming across as silly! I got sick of Daniel's repetitive lines about "balance" and looking sadly at photos of Mr. Miyagi by the end. I did still find it worth watching so I'm not saying you should quit after season one, it just didn't work as well for me in season two. There's still some fun karate fights and some good humour (mostly Johnn again) I just prefered the tone of saeson one.


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I am watching The Haunting of Bly Manor.
Watching with one eye shut!
I thought this was a movie. THERE ARE EPISODES!
And it isn't even that scary! Just slightly creepy.
The usual 2 kids who lost thier parents and need looking after. A regular Mary Poppins show.
And then there are the usual dolls and ghost images.


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Well now it seems only the girl remains. I thought the show was over, but there is another episode. Not sure what I think about it all. It became interesting at the end.