Have you played the question game?


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Wasn't there an episode where Peg was waving one around, hence the coining of the term?


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Well thanks so much for that image: "Dammit, Peg! Willya get off my back? You're a real pain in the ass!" "Oh, Al. Stop whining and take the whole thing."
Can you edit that to stay in game format? :bigass:
Now why didn't Fox think of that? Weren't they trying to make Married, With Children offensive on purpose? If so, why only half-ass it by not including Katey Segal running around with a big ol' honkin' dildo?
Is it a result of having eaten half a gallon of baked beans and the resultant inferno of flatulence emptying every bit of oxygen out of you, requiring you to suck in a huge gasp of air to replace what was lost?

If not, why the hell did such a bizarre thought even cross my mind?

I Love Cunt

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See what I did there?
You weren't whining at all, but now you are.
My vagina is just fine! Are you thinking about being squeezed by thick thighs?
Do you know how cute it is that you think you can ascribe "whining" to text, as if that isn't just cartoonishly ridiculous? And can you guess who lost The Question Game by slipping not just one but two statements into her last post? As for the question about being squeezed, wouldn't YOU like to know?