To the members of WORDFORGE?...I'm coming!


The Legendary Troll Kingdom

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Ima be a a redneck, trailor park, white trashed out white cracker, who's gayer than two dollar bill...I'll be happier than a faggot with a bag full of cupcakeer dicks

Except you haven't registered yet, and now won't be able to


Sure do love owning you first thing in the morning.


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I kinda want to see Blackfoot head over to Spacebattles. That way, he can debate people like... this guy:


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See what I'm saying Starman/tarbabby™. In order to be a GREAT troll....

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You don't how to troll - it's as simple as that.

This brute retardation approach is tedious and easily ignored; you don't live rent-free in anyone's head.

For you to troll with a modicum of success, it would require more subtlety and wit than you could hope to muster. If it *were* within you, we'd have seen evidence by now - wouldn't we?

You should have taken time to study some decent trolling exploits instead of this endless parade of self-owning.

If you don't turn thing around, I might have to ignore you altogether - and I know how much you like the attention.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
I kinda want to see Blackfoot head over to Spacebattles. That way, he can debate people like... this guy:

Lol the only thing CeeJay is good at is mass debating.


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I'm curious....what do you think about having a MINUS 1700 reaction score and changing your name to a butthurt cream reflects on my ability to troll you??

Don't be shy in your response



^^When the time is right, Old Dirty...You don't post there jewjack...Your only interested because I joined...I'm still trying to find those threads were WORDFORGE is supposedly be the most racist forum that you and John said it was...I haven't seen 1 thread at WORDFORGE that suggested that...Venooker, post 1 cupcakeer thread at WORDFORGE, and I will reveal my username...My opinion is WORDFORGE is just another funnybook, star wars/star trek forum like ASVS, Your Kingdom, Rick Veitch's Comicon, featuring Steve Bissette, TCJ and Hunter X's Forum...I'm not down with that children's bullshit, been there done that.^^


Can someone tell me what The Question's handle at WORDFORGE is? I need to check out his contributions or what he has done there...I wanna know if he bring the same racist bullshit he displays here at Troll Kingdom. :bigass:

The Question

Well that takes care of the WF troll. I knew how this would turn out from the first post

So easy :bigass:

You forget Bix and I are friends. You never stood a chance in this one from the get go.

I sure do love owning you first thing in the morning.

And, once again, the guy who kicked it off remains... unsung... unheralded...

*strains of lonesome slide guitar play as that mysterious antihero of the Old West, The Question, rides away into the sunset...*