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Colonel Kira's Left Tit

Bearded Belly of Bajor


I love you
I would like to play a compilation of moments from Christmas Hallmark movies. Just the cheesy moments where the girl gets in to town, or the moment she meets "the one". I want to play them all back to back and see how long that would play. I'll play it at work, in the background, and just for fun I'll add in some serial killer movie and no one will be able to tell the difference.


I love you
Don't you worry capybara soon enough someone will come around and mess with your day!

I really do sound like an old grouch. I wonder whose brain I ate?

Dr Dave

I refused to go to any company parties at the last place I worked.

Like why would I want to hang out with co workers (whom I'm not friends with) on my personal time?