Where is the Random Thread of Randomness stuff that doesn't belong in other threads thread?


I want to smell dark matter
Cunts setting off fireworks already. "DURR, WE LIKE LOUD NOISES, BURR," they are heard to remark.


I love you
I sort of want to make a thread about all of the famous television and movie personal assistants/receptionists. It would begin with

30 rock kenneth ellen parcell GIF


I want to smell dark matter
All American!

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Ok here's my problem: They included Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, but not Elisabeth Moss. It's true that Peggy got promoted to copy writer by season 2, but Joan went from secretary to office manager to voting partner by season 5. And while Joan's story was great, Peggy's story was THE SHOW.

So yeah.

The Question

Here's something random:


Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
I thought I saw Peggy on the list.
Maybe it was a different article I was looking at.
She's in the photo with Joan at the top of the article, but she doesn't have her own spot on the list.


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I can't decide if the Beatles get back on Disney is fascinating or boring, or a bit of both.


I want to smell dark matter
Are they all naked in it?


I want to smell dark matter
What's the point then.


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I got tired of Firefox crashing every 45 seconds, so I went back to a version of Firefox that doesn't force you to get updates. It only crashes 2-3 times a day. But Bing doesn't work on it. Meh. It's a fair trade. Bing is only for when Google isn't finding me sufficiently dirty stuff. Like "naked ice cream."


I fired up Chrome to check. Bing is just filthy. Filthy, filthy, filthy.

In hopes of finding something somewhere between the relentlessly PG Google and the XXX German scat porn Bing, I tried DuckDuckGo. It was just sad and disappointing.

Older Firefox also won't make the phone ring for Google Voice. I can still receive calls and send and receive texts, but I can't make calls from my computer on Firefox.