In Which I Cause WF To Strangle Itself TO DEATH.

I haven't 'outed' anyone -- 'cause I had no idea either of them even posted here -- but you just did. Way to go, dumbass. :bigass:
Let me clarify that: I didn't know that "Ebeneezer Q. Yubblesworth" was someone who posted here. I guess if I'd remembered Yub at all, the name might've clicked. Of course I knew Dirk Funk used to post here, but I still have no idea what his FB handle is.

Nor am I much bothered. So they got bored of TK and wandered off. I believe Anc would say they, "Self deported." So no big whoop.
(Edit: Nope we're not going down that slippery slope with sharing people's Facebook posts)
When the people in question invite us to do it, you bet your pretty little ass we are. Quit interfering. It isn't PI that wasn't out in the open here already, and as noted, dude invited me to post it here.

Butt out.


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Need some tissues for your issues there Johnny? My nickel says Dirk is blocking you on fb for posting his PI in this thread :bigass: I know he was pretty pissed you stooped that low, stoop anchor.

Now THAT makes me smile.


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Aren't you worried that you'll come up short? Nah, why worry about something that must be a constant for you, am I right? :bigass:

Keep feeling them feels, gnome. It's going to make watching you get blindsided all the more amusing.
Who was it that got blindsided again? Looks like you and that asslicker Volpone to me :D


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And Volpone's the dumbass who didn't even realize what "ignore" really meant :bigass: That QSF thread is a classic, I must say.

So you all tongue each others buttholes while lying about why you got banned at another board.



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I know that. I wasn't talking about him. I was talking about the butthole licking.
Turdram said:
Who is that John Castle guy? Something about him reminds me of AIDS.
Not possible; unlike AIDS, you've never had me before.

By the way, you're not a "princess", or a "magical girl." You're what we used to call in the old days just a run of the mill fucking sissy.

You're not "unique" or "special". You aren't a trendsetter, or "teh hawt new thang." You're just a mincing little faggot, a run of the mill sissyboy. Try harder, participation-trophy winner. Your manufactured, utterly affected "special-ness" ain't the least bit special.