Where is the Random Thread of Randomness stuff that doesn't belong in other threads thread?


I love you
We were at this park, I was with my family and part of the park has been converted with mountain bike trails. There were many people doing the same thing. I find it annoying.


I love you
I am visiting my sister while she is house sitting. EVERYTHING in this house is connected to a computer. EVERYTHING

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
I think I posted something on the internet while half asleep this morning, but I also might have only dreamed I did it because I can't find it or remember exactly what it was I posted.


I love you
It was really good.
It is a secret
and I'm not going to tell you!
Just kididng
I"m not sure if I saw something odd or not. (Goes to look)


I want to smell dark matter
WHy the fuck are BBC1 and BBC2 showing the exact same thing? Like fine do the 24 hour coverage (update: he's still dead) on one channel, but why both?