I might get a cat


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So the 2 closest options for vet offices for me is to go to the one that fired me after 3 days or the one that I got offered a job at and I turned them down. Yay me. Didn't see that one coming!
I'm sure they'd treat your cat like any other!


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Bela has her appointment tomorrow. I scheduled one closer to where I live instead. No drive-especially due to current weather conditions.


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My cat avoided the drugged food I prepared for her. I don't blame her. I don't prefer her on drugs really. But it makes it easier to give her the antibiotic for her tooth, or whatever the problem in her mouth is-they couldn't fully look at it because she freaked out a little at the vets office of course. So next visit I'll give her some nice drugs prior so they can open her mouth more and inspect it better.
The vet suspected her of having seizures and I disagreed with that assesment.
I didn't feel like talking about it earlier.
I hope her mouth feels better after the antibiotics.


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The vet was supposed to call me today. I suppose they still could. I emailed them just in case. I wanted to let them know that I want them to take another look at Bela, and this time I will give her a drug tablet that makes her calm!

Oh they texted me. For crying out loud!


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Give her cbd cat treats. CBD works well on cats. It's also really safe for them.


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Bela goes in tomorrow for her follow up apt and teeth cleaning. I think the antibiotics worked. But her mouth/teeth do stink! So I can't wait for her to come back with minty fresh breath!
It is just after midnight here so I am taking away her food dishes and water dishes and I gave her something to relax her tonight. I will drop her off tomorrow and then go to work. How will I work thinking about her wondering how she is doing?!


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Why do cats sleep on the edge of things?
Why does my cat hit me with its tail?
Why does a cat bite my nose?
Why does a cat.......

All of the answers are, "Because your cat loves you and wants to show you affection"