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I guess that Mr. Stinky Pants on the old TBBS is not well liked anymore because he turned out to be an actual Nazi or something, but I remember when he was here with Captain Decker et al. And the story he always liked to tell about TWOK about the time he saw the movie in a theater in Australia and some jackass ruining it for him by yelling out BOSS BOSS DE PLANE DE PLANE will always bring a smile to my face.


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I mean "actual Nazi" is pretty hard to whistle past.

Australians are the funniest type of people!


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Who is Titania? OMG she is so cute. Can I follow her too? I must be #5 then because I look so wierd.

Does anyone remember a children's book with a lion in it? And not a religious book or story.


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Thank you so much, but that is not the one.

There are sooooo many lion books. Wow.

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Ohmygosh I think it was Johny's Lion Book.
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Speaking of steaks, you can get a free steak dinner if you order it with a "loaded" baked potato. When your meal comes, just make a big stink that you ordered a loaded baked potato and and it doesn't even have any shrimp or gummi worms on it. It should at least have a fried egg and some banana slices.

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So, my best friend/former college roommate is coming up from Texas to visit next week, and he got this harebrained idea that he's going to pick up one of my ex-girfriends on the way and drag her along. I'm not sure how this is going to work out.
Did it happen?


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Sometimes you just have to do a gentle poo, because the one you did the day before hurt all day.


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Scott Paddywack was a loan officer at First National Bank. One morning, while he was at his desk, a frog hopped into the bank and right up onto his desk. He was just about to chase it off when the frog began to speak. "I'd like to take out a personal loan," he said. Paddywack was shocked. Obviously, he'd never heard of a talking frog, let alone one that wanted to borrow money, but he tried to stay calm. "Do you have any collateral?" he asked. "Just this," said the frog, and out of nowhere he produced a Mick Jagger bobblehead. Now this was too much for Paddywack so he went to the bank manager. He showed the bank manager the bobblehead and explained the situation. After a moment, the bank manager said "It's a knick-knack, Paddywack, give the frog a loan. This old man's a Rolling Stone."